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Luxury Wood Kitchens

Create a warm and rich atmosphere in your kitchen with a L'Atelier French-inspired wood design. From high-end wood kitchen cabinets to rustic natural grain fixtures and finishing touches, our wood-themed look perfectly marries a traditional and contemporary kitchen style.

Among our line of finished high-end wood collections, you'll find a series of unique curated kitchens. With a luxurious mixture of styles, each wood kitchen offers a richly textured culinary and sensory experience.

Of course, no two wood kitchens are the same. Each client infuses their own personality and decor style. Through a variety of color palette choices, selection of appliances and a contrasting combination of wood and metal, each kitchen is an inspired mixture that truly represents its owner.

See France's lustrous and finely cultured history come to life through subtle Haute design choices in your own home.

L'Atelier Paris Elegant Wood Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The noise of the modern workday will fade to an imperceptible hum when you step into one of our beautiful, French-inspired wood kitchens. There is an unmistakable subtlety to each space that hearkens back to a peaceful simplicity. The popped cork of an aged bottle of wine and the gentle simmering of beef bourguignon on the stovetop — these are the sounds that matter.

We believe that a creative space has the power to remind you of what really matters, and with a space as warm and inspiring as a traditional French wood kitchen, you'll find yourself in the mood to dream again.

Our line of curated kitchens, each designed as a one-of-a-kind piece, displays this complexity. Ceiling to floor detailing includes warm notes of 20th-century Paris blended with nods to modern luxury.

From the stately lines and contemporary light wood aesthetic of Le Paris to the local simplicity of La Brittany, each kitchen becomes more than a room in a house. It becomes the center of the home, evocative of both classic European grandeur and the simple joy of cooking and family. Each modern wood kitchen cabinet can enhance this seemingly contradictory aesthetic with convenient metal handles and your choice of wood finish.

Each of our curated kitchens comes complete with a customized list of French-made appliances. From built-in wall ovens and fully integrated refrigerators to luxury coffee makers and, of course, in the spirit of true France, we can never neglect our wine. A pristine stainless steel and glass wine preservation unit rounds out of our array of quality appliances.

The Wood Kitchen Design

L'Atelier Paris designs bring centuries of vibrantly proud French culture to life. As a country known for its fine cuisine, is there a more apt way to honor this European jewel than through a kitchen designed to the standard of the finest chef? Our stately yet simple wood collections offer an exquisite starting point for any homeowner.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Cream and beige accents to bring out the warmth of the wood? A royal aesthetic with trim in navy or gold? Subtle combinations of wood and metal to bridge the gap between contemporary and traditional? Or a commitment to a rustic French countryside kitchen reminiscent of a cherished yet long-gone era? Our wood kitchens offer options for every taste and leave room for your imaginative ideas.

Since 1830, L'Atelier Paris has built a unique reputation for fully custom chef-grade kitchen design. The benefits of our tailored approach include:


  • The marriage of 20th-century French design with your personal style, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Freedom to modify our state-of-the-art designs according to your preferences. From color palettes and finishes to wood styles and kitchen appliances, you'll be sure to have the kitchen of your dreams.
  • The use of only French-made pieces and work from expert designers to ensure the highest quality kitchens.
  • Curated modern wood kitchen collections to spark the imagination.
  • The ability for each client to tailor their kitchen to a cohesive theme or create a contrasting and unique mix and match.



A Turnkey Solution From Start to Finish

From beginning to end, our experienced L'Atelier Paris team crafts every aspect of each client's unique luxury wood kitchen. Your process will begin with a consultation phone call with our designers. Before we even begin crafting the concept or designing the details of your kitchen, however, we consider it essential to get to know you. Designing your dream kitchen requires an understanding of who you are — your lifestyle, tastes, home aesthetic and, of course, how you cook.

Only once we've spent time pinpointing the indefinable qualities that shape your home will we begin hand-crafting a kitchen designed just for you. With your preferences and specifications in mind, we'll hand-cast or machine-make each kitchen appliance and luxury wood kitchen cabinet. Once these components are perfected down to the finest details, our team will install them and ensure that your wood kitchen is ready for immediate use.

This turnkey approach allows our clients to focus on ensuring their new kitchen meets their vision and desires. In the meantime, you'll find that we're dedicated to consistent communication and excellent customer service throughout the process.

Ready to See Your Modern Wood Kitchen Dream Come to Life?

If you have longed for a taste of traditional French-inspired country kitchen in your own home for a time, schedule a call with our design team today. With more than a century of experience in Haute design and kitchenware, L'Atelier Paris is committed to nothing but the best that France can offer when it comes to your elegant wood kitchen. Whether you prefer a rustic dark wood approach or a modern and airy light wood aesthetic, we're uniquely poised to bring perfection to your home.

Browse our line of curated kitchens for a look that will inspire you to host guests, drink wine and, of course, cook. Bring your inspiration and ideas — even the wildest and fanciest ones — to a phone call with our expert designers, and let us see what we can create together!


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