Our Vineyard And Source Of Inspiration

Who We Are

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design is dedicated to providing extraordinary style and quality design to homeowners,professional chefs, and everyone in between. We specialize in hand-crafting custom cooking ranges made to order and kitchens that combine luxury with high-end performance. Our mission is to provide culinary enthusiasts and home cooks alike the highest standards of craftsmanship for endless possibilities in the kitchen. With our unique focus on quality and durability, we strive to deliver products that generate creativity, add character, inspire excellence, and bring a taste of France into any kitchen space. Our vision is to revolutionize kitchen designs around the world by delivering luxurious yet functional European inspired designs that will endure for generations.

What Inspires Us

The French countryside continuously inspires us with its delightful gastronomic experiences and culinary expertise. Time spent picking fresh ingredients at local farmers markets and cooking with Michelin star chefs. But we noticed something missing: custom cooking ranges that could match the excellence of those in commercial kitchens, but tailored for home use. This realization spurred us to embark on a mission to design and craft the perfect personalized ranges for home cooks with a taste for professional-grade cooking equipment.

Our Wine & Winemaking

Winemaking harks back to a time before modern, large-scale productions, favoring the techniques used by the countless generations that originally brought fame to the region. Seven generations have cared for the estate, dating back to 1830 when we recorded our first vintage. Together, we continue to carry on the family’s traditions while continuing to raise the quality with every vintage to come.

A very special place for us

Located just a stone’s throw away from the famous Unesco Heritage town of Saint Emilion, Chateau Peyfaures sits gloriously atop a gentle hill where it has been for over five centuries. This is where we make our award-winning wine, host cooking events for our customers and friends, and experience the delight of cooking on our custom-made ranges in our beautiful Chateau Kitchen. We often find ourselves spending entire days with local Michelin Star chefs, experiencing, alongside our winemakers, what this magical region is all about.