Our custom cooking French ranges and suites showcase our haute design excellence

Our designers work closely with you to understand how you cook and entertain, guiding you through the process of hand-selecting every aspect of your French range. We begin our design process by listening to you to understand how you cook, what you cook, how often, and how you entertain. Once we have that knowledge, we begin to design what will become your dream kitchen or French range.

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Our Two Series Of French Ranges

Your cooking range is the centerpiece of your kitchen—the essential, most important element of all—and it should reflect not only your style of cooking and entertaining but also your personal design aesthetic. With that in mind, L’Atelier Paris Haute Design custom-made ranges are presented in two series: Le Provençal is a particularly versatile option, offering innovative technology and elegant styling in both bespoke and prêt-à-porter versions, and La Grande Cuisine Professionelle is designed for the passionate home chef who seeks an unparalleled selection of cooking options and restaurant-grade power. Both series are available in a choice of three designs, Le Classique, Le Transitionnel, and Le Contemporain, which can be customized with a wide array of materials, finishes, and accessories. Your kitchen range will not only represent the ultimate in sophisticated European craftsmanship but will be tailored to reflect the very essence of your signature design

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Le Provençal

Our Le Provençal French ranges, range tops & suites all have a 650 mm - 26" deep cooking surface are the very essence of L’Atelier Paris Haute Design. Available in fully customizable configurations, we invite you to explore the best in culinary technology and beauty.

La Grande Cuisine Professionnelle

True professional cooking ranges & suites that all have an 800 mm - 31-1/2" deep cooking surface. This collection is comprised of restaurant grade cooking equipment that can be designed to your exacts specs just like a restaurant kitchen, same power, versatility and endurance we use when we fit a Michelin Star restaurant.

Le Classique
Le Transitionnel
Le Contemporain
Select one of our three base styles. Each carries a distinctly Gallic charm, and is compatible with our full range of cabinets, appliances and fixtures.
Cooking Elements
Color Options
Trim Finishes
Select your cooking elements, ovens, and cabinets. Pick your color and trim finish. Choose from a limitless array of colors in the RAL palette or select a sophisticated and unembellished hand brushed stainless steel look.

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