Modern Country

A modern take on the French Provençal country style with tons of charm. A warm and inviting space with a sophisticated homey feel. 

Modern Country

This light-filled large kitchen sets the stage for this magnificent Provençal modern French-designed custom kitchen. Natural solid oak cabinets finished with a clear hand rubbed oil for an organic feel paired with an abundance of natural stone tops, backsplashes, and floors. The centerpiece range and hood were finished in hand-brushed stainless steel in “Le Contemporain” style to add a touch of modernity, contrasting effortlessly with the open display cabinets on the back. A wonderful space to cook and create memories. 


If there's one design style that can “take you there,” it’s definitely French country design. When you walk into a classically French country room, you’ll immediately feel like you’re somewhere deep in the heart of Provence.

A wonderful space to cook and create memories. Dreams are made at home.

Our designers and teams of talented artisans are ready to help you create your own dream kitchen.

Work with our design team

The L’Atelier Paris Haute Design process begins with a friendly conversation. Our expert designers work individually with clients to bring their vision to life, focusing on every request, regardless of how large or small. We will discuss your style preferences and offer insight into the best elements to use to create your signature kitchen. A thoughtful conversation with one of our designers will guide you through your options and help you to open your imagination to different possibilities.

Are you ready to begin the process to bring your luxury French kitchen to fruition? Contact us today to schedule a consultation visit or a call with a member of our design team.

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