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Design that rings true can transcend geography, as this stunning kitchen has the elegant sophistication of a Parisian home but is actually the centerpiece of a house nestled in the hills of greater Los Angeles.

  Specially designed and handcrafted for this house, the kitchen features a combination of our classic stainless-steel cabinets, appliances, and a made-to-order cooking range and hood—all enameled a soft white—which are integrated with our handmade solid-oak cabinets in a hand-rubbed and oiled whitewash finish. The space is warmed by burnished-brass details and trim, as well as the luxe Calacatta marble that was used for the backsplashes and the island countertop. European touches such as vintage-style holophane light fixtures, sculptural brass sink fittings, and rich oak-herringbone floors add extra impact.


Our designers and teams of talented artisans are ready to help you create your own dream kitchen.

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L'Atelier Paris Haute Design is known for creating sophisticated French-style kitchens that meld timeless tradition with modern technology and convenience. Far more than a place to cook or serve food, our luxury kitchens are an elegant art form, offering tantalizing beauty for all of your senses. A L’Atelier Paris kitchen will become the most important room in your home an inviting gathering place for friends and family as well as command central for your daily lives. Most important, your L’Atelier Paris kitchen will be hand-built especially for you, with all of your needs, specifications, and longtime dreams in mind.
The process starts with you. Browse our French-style kitchen gallery, including our diverse range of custom cabinetry styles, materials, and finishes. Pair your preferred cabinetry with selections from our luxury kitchen appliances everything from made-to-measure ranges to griddles and wok burners, refrigerators, and wine storage. Then, with the help of our expert design team, you can completely visualize the dream kitchen you have created. You'll find that no detail is too small, and that even the most subtle touches can have the power to bring new life to this most essential space. We consider each L’Atelier Paris kitchen a work of art. You will likely consider yours a masterpiece.

French-Inspired Kitchens

It’s hardly surprising that we look to France for inspiration for our luxury kitchens the French are renowned for their love of the finest food and wine and their cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its sophistication and excellence. The design of each of our kitchens whether classic or more contemporary reflects the emphasis the French place on "l’art de vivre", which means the art of living well and knowing how to enjoy life at its fullest. We hope the atmosphere a L’Atelier Paris Haute Design kitchen creates in your home will encourage you to slow your pace, as the French do, and perhaps linger over a glass of wine, savoring the dining experience with your family and friends, not being in a rush to leave the table. Embracing the concept of l’art de vivre will influence not only the design of your new kitchen, but how you use it and live in it for years to come.

Stainless-Steel Cabinetry

L’Atelier Paris’s stainless-steel cabinetry styles offer unique, glamorous options for kitchen storage. Our elegant lines and gleaming metal surfaces work equally well whether your kitchen design is traditional in feeling, or reflects a more modern, minimalist air. The cabinetry is supremely adaptable to multiple functions and needs and can be custom powder-coated in a range of more than 300 beautiful colors.
The extraordinary popularity of steel cabinetry was prompted by homeowners who were eager for options other than mismatched materials and storage that didn't utilize every inch of their available kitchen space; they wanted to incorporate their professional-style ranges within sleek matching cabinetry. L'Atelier Paris Haute Design offers expertly crafted stainless-steel cabinetry that maximizes space and efficiency while creating an elegant, streamlined design for your kitchen. We can unlock the potential of your room while enhancing its aesthetic, transforming your cabinets from basic storage space to a discreet, gleaming design element. 
Our stainless-steel cabinetry is offered in three customizable styles, including classic, traditional, and contemporary. Choose the style that best suits your aesthetic, from sleekly Euro-modern to charmingly Provençal. Custom cabinets will be designed and made to measure, seamlessly integrating with your appliances and offering the perfect solution to suit your storage needs and personal style..

Custom Wood Cabinetry

If your preference is for beautiful wood cabinets, the L'Atelier Paris selection of custom wood cabinetry offers choices ranging from the rustic look of a villa in the French countryside to the sleek surfaces of a chic urban loft. Our expert designers will help you select from our gallery of luxury wood kitchens, which showcases fine oak cabinetry in a wide selection of finishes and trim options. Your cabinetry will be customized to suit your taste and needs, including all hardware and accessories, and luxury appliances will be seamlessly integrated, fitting into your space perfectly and bringing a unified aesthetic to the room.


Once you have selected the overall aesthetic for your kitchen and confirmed your choice of either wood or stainless-steel custom cabinetry, it's time to choose from our offerings of premium French kitchen-appliance brands. Consider, for instance, the built-in, fully integrated automatic coffee machine that would transform your morning cup of espresso from a quick coffee to a true experience.
With a sleek stainless-steel design, our refrigerators and freezers will integrate effortlessly into your kitchen plan, whether you have chosen wood or steel cabinetry and a classic or contemporary design aesthetic. Browse our options to find the right style—full column or combination—and the size that best fits your space, from standard configurations to under-counter versions. And of course, it wouldn't be a proper French-inspired kitchen line without a state-of-the-art wine refrigerator. Store your finest bottles in a special wine-preservation unit, keeping them at the perfect temperature, ready to be uncorked at a moment's notice. A range of options is offered.
From impressive restaurant-style ranges to warming drawers to state-of-the-art steam ovens, L'Atelier Paris Haute Design offers a full range of premium luxury appliances, perfect for people who love to entertain, expert home chefs, and even those who prefer to have their home meals prepared by a pro.


The L'Atelier Paris Haute Design process begins with a friendly conversation. Our expert designers work individually with clients to bring their vision to life, focusing on every request, regardless of how large or small. We will discuss your style preferences and offer insight into the best elements to use to create your signature kitchen. A thoughtful conversation with one of our designers will guide you through your options and help you to open your imagination to different possibilities.
Are you ready to begin the process to bring your luxury French kitchen to fruition? Contact us today to schedule a consultation visit or a call with a member of our design team.


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