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A living example that true and pure design can transcend geography. This stunning kitchen has all the charm and sophistication of a Parisian home nestled in the hills of greater Los Angeles.

All custom, all hand made, all unique to this home, a combination of our classic stainless steel cabinets, appliances, custom cooking range and hood integrated with our solid, hand made oak cabinets finished with a magical whitewash hand rubbed natural oil and tons of our "living" brass trim accents throughout. Calacatta countertops on island and backsplashes on range area adds the warmth and refinement it commands.

All the charm found in a Parisian mansion serving as inspiration to the design, carefully articulated with herringbone oak floors and light fixtures.

Timeless Elegance

Let us know how we can get our design team and multi-generation artisans help you create your own dream kitchen.

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L'Atelier Paris Haute Design combines timeless tradition and modern convenience in one sophisticated French-style kitchen. Our luxury kitchens are more than a place to cook or serve food. They're an elegant art form, bringing delicious beauty to all senses, from sight to taste and everything in between. But more than anything, you'll find our kitchens to be one-of-a-kind.

Tailored to owner style and preferences down to the last detail, each kitchen is its own unique work of art. When you have a L'Atelier Haute Design of Paris French kitchen design, you have something unlike any other room.

The process starts with you. Browse our French-style kitchen options, including our diverse custom cabinetry. Pair your cabinet vision with your selection of luxury kitchen appliances. Then, with the help of our design team, see your dream kitchen become your own. You'll find that even the most subtle inspired touches have the power to bring new life to your kitchen. You might even call it a masterpiece.

French-Inspired Kitchens

The French are known, perhaps above all, for their love of the finest food and wine. With a cuisine that is renowned worldwide for emanating culture, sophistication and excellence, it's no wonder this European influence has inspired our line of luxury kitchens. From the sleek lines and effortless elegance to its signature simplicity, you'll find subtle hints of our French roots in every L'Atelier kitchen. After all, French dining is not just about what you eat, but how you eat it.

The design and atmosphere exuded in these kitchens will encourage you to slow your pace, as the French do, and linger over a glass of wine — to savor each flavor in your food and stay around the table just a little longer. Enjoy the best of a traditional social setting with the convenience of a French modern kitchen.

Stainless Steel Cabinetry

Our stainless steel cabinetry offers a unique twist on a luxury metal kitchen. Cohesive lines and gleaming metal surfaces lend themselves to a modern, minimalist air. Never have opulence and simplicity blended together so effortlessly.

L'Atelier can work with you to design stainless steel cabinets for your home so that you can store your kitchen essentials in style. No more mismatched materials or cabinets that don't allow you to make the most of your kitchen space. We'll unlock the potential of your room while enhancing its aesthetic, turning your cabinets from storage space to shining displays.

Our stainless steel cabinetry comes in three customizable styles, including classic, traditional and contemporary. Choose the style that best suits your home, whether it's a modern masterpiece or a vintage estate. Handmade cabinets will be designed with your home in mind to craft a look that perfectly fits both your style and your space.

While a luxury metal kitchen may sound cold in look or touch, with L'Atelier French kitchens, the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Your choice of color palette and finish can make the French kitchen cabinets inviting and comforting, while the stainless steel will keep them sparkling and easy to clean.

Custom Wood Cabinetry

The L'Atelier selection of custom wood cabinetry will bring a warmth to your kitchen à la a rustic French countryside villa. With our display of luxury wood kitchens, you'll find fine oak polished to a shine and accented with complementary wooden finishes. Our cabinetry will be custom to your needs, fitting into your space perfectly and bringing a unified touch to the room. Select your choice of high-quality wood, finish and accent pieces for cabinetry that's completely tailored to you.

Each morning, you'll have the opportunity to throw open your kitchen curtains and see the early light warm your wooden cabinets, making the whole room feel alive. Over the glow of an evening candle, the newfound heart and soul of your home will be illuminated in the wooden cabinets, granite countertops and polished brass.

High-End French Kitchen Appliances

Once you have the custom wood or metal cabinetry of your dreams, it's time to fill your kitchen with premium French kitchen appliance brands. With a built-in, fully integrated automatic coffee machine, a cup of morning espresso becomes more than a drink — it's an experience. A professional wall oven will add a notch of functional subtlety to your kitchen.

With a sleek stainless steel design, our refrigerators and freezers will integrate effortlessly into your home. Browse our options to find the right style, whether that's full column or combination, and the size that fits your space, from wall to under-counter versions. The sparkling metal and simple style will perfectly suit both the luxury stainless steel cabinetry kitchen and the custom wood cabinetry.

From warming drawers to state-of-the-art steam ovens, you'll find the premium in luxury kitchen appliances at L'Atelier Haute Design of Paris. Homeowners who love to cook and throw a social gathering will find themselves amazed at the quality of their kitchen, now up to par with that of professional chefs.

Of course, it wouldn't be a French-inspired kitchen line without a one-of-a-kind wine dispenser. Store your finest bottles in this wine preservation unit, keeping them at the perfect temperature and ready to be uncorked at a moment's notice. Enjoy glass doors for display and your choice of either a full size or under the counter model.

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The L'Atelier process begins with a simple conversation. Our expert design team works with each client to bring their vision to life, caring for every element down to the last detail to ensure each kitchen fulfills dream. Before the conceptualizing even begins, we'll discuss your options and offer insight into the best elements for your unique kitchen. A conversation with our team will help you express your imagination and see it carried out through careful creative work.

Are you ready to begin the process toward your one-of-a-kind luxury French kitchen? Contact us today to schedule a consultation visit or call with our design team.


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