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Love for food keeps us inventive and motivated

If you’ve spent any time around the French people, we will inevitably ask you what you think of their cuisine. You might tell us you enjoy the variety and flair of Spanish tapas, or the simple comfort of an English breakfast. And we will smile and nod respectfully, before stepping in a bit closer, tilting our head to the side like a full-body wink, and whisper conspiratorially, “But ours is the best, non?”
As much as any culture on Earth, French identity is tied not only to what we eat—but how. At L’Atelier Haute Design of Paris, we have taken the inspiration we absorbed from the French culture, and we share the secrets of that unique French Touch with customers in every facet, Now it’s time to tell you a little about that process.

Your Kitchen, Our Expertise

When we eat food prepared without love, we become part of the machine. So why should anyone who has the option work in a kitchen that has been designed without love?
Every L’Atelier design is created by our experts in collaboration with you. We want to understand how you cook, how you entertain, even how you live before any of our kitchen designers draws a single line on the page. Your kitchen will maximize your space and include only the cooking elements, appliances and fixtures you need to achieve your goals.

Chef-Grade Equipment

Design must go hand-in-hand with performance and function.

After a full conversation with you, your design team and/or chef, our artisans will begin to envision your new “masterpiece” one-of-a-kind kitchen. Fully-fitted with professional grade equipment custom-made to enhance and take advantage of your space. You will be able to have a cooking suite built with the most elite parts, including solid brass burners, pasta cookers, griddles, lava rock BBQs and more. Whatever your needs, we can make them a reality

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