Luxury Modern Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Luxury metal kitchen cabinets bring a sleek and pristine look to a space. While French metal cabinets tend to enhance a modern feel, your choice of finish and style can bring the look from traditional to industrial, changing the era of your space in an instant.

Our elegant metal kitchen cabinets are simple without being plain — modern while never being cold. Each cabinet's stainless steel design is abundant with clean lines and smooth surfaces. Subtle accents offer a sophisticated and timelessly classy feel to each cabinet.

Add base and upper cabinets to your kitchen for space-saving storage. With an L'Atelier Paris design, you'll never have to sacrifice style for function. Both performance and beauty meet and achieve perfect fusion within our luxury stainless steel kitchen.

French-Made Manufacturing for an Authentically Parisian Feel

All cabinets are finished with unique L'Atelier Paris pulls and handles. Personally cast or machined from solid brass by expert artisans, each handle is French-made and one of a kind. Our cabinet drawers and doors are crafted with the finest metals and perfectly weighted for the ultimate smooth glide and soft close.

You'll find your culinary prowess unlocked and your imagination set free to create and cook within your luxury kitchen. Cooking may have once been a chore — but with pristine gleaming surfaces, exquisite stove ranges and high-end metal cabinets, you'll likely find that your kitchen becomes the epicenter of your home. In true French style, a love for the culinary arts will be revived.

A Fully Customized Process

Close your eyes and begin to picture your idea of the perfect kitchen. From two-oven cooking suites in burnished copper to the matte black or cool blue cabinetry that fills a space, no detail is too small to escape our notice, so don't be afraid to dream in opulence. This is the vision that will become the framework for our design process.

Our team of elite designers brings their expertise and artist's eye to every French-inspired kitchen — yet your preferences and personal style will guide the way. Before even beginning to put pen to paper, we'll be dedicated to the specifications of your space and needs. You'll find the process paved with ample custom options, from color palette and finish to era and style.

A Turnkey Solution for Your Convenience

L'Atelier offers a unique turnkey experience for each client's convenience. From an initial phone conversation to the installation of the finished product in a home, we're dedicated to only the finest customer service. You'll find your installed luxury kitchen ready for immediate use once we've finished.

Run your hand along the silky-smooth surface of each modern metal kitchen cabinet. Pull each polished handle and enjoy the feeling of the drawer gently sliding into place. Pour yourself a glass of wine and begin to dream of all the fine French culinary scents that may soon fill your kitchen. Thanks to our century-old tradition of excellence, owning the kitchen you've envisioned has never been so streamlined or simple.

Contemporary Cabinetry Styles

Our three popular lines of contemporary high-end metal kitchen cabinets offer something unique to every homeowner. Whether your style leans toward a traditional French country home or a state-of-the-art modern flair, you'll find yourself drawn to one of our classic styles. Browse our lines below and find inspiration for your own French kitchen design. Each of these styles comes with ample customization opportunities, including trim finishes and your selection from more than 1,000 RAL colors.

Le Classique

Le Classique breathes new life into an ageless look. Matte stainless steel cabinetry is enhanced with flawless solid brass accents and intricate detailing. Our line of classic cabinets is reminiscent of the 20th century château kitchens that served as our inspiration. With a touch of modern allure and all the benefits of contemporary convenience, our classic kitchen still manages to embody a charmingly traditional feel.

After all, France was founded on its master chefs and love for the culinary arts. Our classic metal cabinets find subtle ways to honor these origins and ensure that an appreciation for cooking is passed on through the ages.

Le Transitionnel

Le Transitionnel finds the perfect meeting place between tradition and modernity. Sleek without being sterile, our rich, century-plus tradition is deeply embedded in this transitional cabinetry. Still, it reflects an openness to change and to the future. Clean stainless steel lines, a modern simplicity and state-of-the-art additions achieve this artfully in-transition look.

Consider Le Transitionnel the bridge between the luxurious French country design of yesterday and the technologically advanced convenience of today.

Le Contemporaine

Fresh, bold and refreshingly simple, Le Contemporaine embodies the belief that less is more. Stepping away from opulent ornamentation in favor of stately lines and performance-driven aesthetics, our modern cabinetry abandons archaic ornamentation for subtle sophistication. Yet Le Contemporaine is never cold. Its pure and streamlined approach is accented with functionality that encourages you to put it to use.

It has never been so simple to access your culinary abilities and whip together a memorable meal than on these delightfully simple stainless steel kitchen cabinets. You'll also find that this functional modern approach calls for only the finest materials and highest quality design, leaving your metal kitchen gleaming as good as new for years to come.

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L'Atelier Paris Haute Design has been a trusted luxury kitchen designer and manufacturer since 1830. Over the past century, we've built a strong reputation for premium customer service, a uniquely tailored experience and a one-of-a-kind French-inspired kitchen design. If you're dreaming of a new kitchen for your home, let us bring your vision to life. From luxury modern metal kitchen cabinets to every stylized detail imaginable, let us unlock your culinary potential today.

Picture the kitchen you've always wanted with the style and functionality you've always imagined. Then, schedule a call with our design team to begin the process right away, and let us see what awaits!