A Guide to Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

guide to luxury cabinets

Your cabinets are the focal point of your luxury kitchen design. The culinary experts in your home will use your kitchen cabinets to organize your kitchen and keep everyday items they can access with ease. For intimate gatherings and holiday parties, you want custom-made cabinets that will wow your guests and brighten up your kitchen.

You want to design your luxury kitchen cabinets to express yourself and add functionality to your kitchen. Read over our guide to how cabinets fit into your luxury kitchen interior design and make an informed decision about cabinetry for the kitchen of your dreams.

Deciding What's Most Important for Luxury Cabinets

Before you invest time and money into your dream kitchen, you first should consider the style, material and type of cabinets you will need. Construct your plan for your kitchen cabinets in a way that provides the utmost efficiency for your culinary endeavors. When crafting your dream kitchen, make a list of your priorities and examine what's most important in your luxury kitchen design.

No two kitchen styles are exactly the same. How you decide to design your cabinets is based on your style and your preferences. You can put your own mark on your kitchen by designing it with luxury custom kitchen cabinets that fit your style.

Find a designer who will collaborate with you to design your dream kitchen. Their expertise, combined with your creative ideas, will produce a luxury interior design kitchen that will serve your family and assist you in entertaining your house guests.


The possibilities are endless in creating your luxury kitchen interior design. While designing the style of your cabinets, make functionality and quality your top priorities. Choose a style for your luxury kitchen cabinets that will stand out and give you the space you need to craft your culinary creations.

The style of your cabinets increases the value of your kitchen. Your kitchen will look like the most expensive kitchen brands without compromising your taste. Consider adding finishing touches to increase the originality of your luxury cabinet design, such as:

  • Crown molding
  • Color
  • Mixed door styles

You can also paint your existing cabinets to add color to your material. Keep in mind that paint can take up a significant amount of your budget, and cheap paint chips easily. Hire a professional to give you the best quality paint to prevent chipping.


luxury cabinet materials

High-end luxury cabinets come in different materials. The material of your cabinets will determine their durability and appearance. Non-porous materials are easy to clean and will save you time in caring for your cabinets.

The most common cabinet materials are wood and metal. To prevent problems arising in your kitchen within the first couple of years, invest in high-quality wood or metal that will last a lifetime. For added glamour, you may also include glass door fronts to flaunt your decorations or high-end dining ware.

Metal and wood often produce the best kitchen cabinets. Wood styles should be customizable and flexible to fit your taste. Stainless steel cabinets are perfect for designing modern luxury kitchen cabinets. You should also explore durable metal pulls and handles, as well as noiseless easy-glide drawers.


You control the type of design you use to craft your luxury custom kitchen cabinets. Browse through our options to spark ideas for how you want to style your cabinets to fit in with your dream luxury kitchen. Customizable steel cabinets like these can complete your modern dream kitchen:

If you would prefer wood cabinets, you can also peruse these popular styles for inspiration:


While appearance is the most obvious aspect of your cabinets, the organization of your cabinets is equally important. Your cabinets should look as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

While some culinary experts appreciate structure and order, others like having organized chaos in their kitchens. If you would rather have a designated space for everything, find a cabinet design that includes drawers, pull-out shelving or other unique features. If flexibility for your workspace is more appealing to you, invest in a more basic model for your cabinets.


luxury kitchen cabinet design

As you design your cabinets, consider what space you need. You can create drawers that will fit items as big as pots or pans or as little as cutlery. The drawers you choose for your kitchen cabinets will help you store your everyday items and small appliances with ease.

You may want to make a creative space for storage. You can design custom features, such as:

  • Wine storage drawers
  • Spice racks
  • Tray dividers for baking sheets

You are in control of how to best use the space in your kitchen.

Gather Your Ideas

Planning your designer kitchen cabinets can be an overwhelming process if you are not prepared. After brainstorming what style, material, types, organization and space will accommodate your vision for your ideal kitchen, organize your ideas. Create a folder with printed images of what you'd like, or create a digital file with some pictures that inspire you.

For creative insight, you can explore Pinterest or Houzz to discover how other high-end designers have strategically organized their kitchens. We also have some tailor-made projects on our page for inspiration as well, such as:

Hiring a Designer

Designing your luxury cabinets is a team effort. You should be impressed with the work of any team you consider. Ask for examples of past work. Speak with others who have used the designer before you.

You want a designer who will sit down with you and ask what you envision. They should listen to the details of what you want in your kitchen as well as the details of your story. They should put your heart and your voice into each and every cabinet they design for you. After all, this is your kitchen.

Begin Modeling Your Dream Kitchen Today

Quality design runs in our family. Since 1830, we have given generations of culinary connoisseurs the kitchen of their dreams. Our inspiration springs from the birthplace of haute cuisine — Paris, France. Our designers are also inspired by your story — how you cook, who you entertain, even how you live.

Begin designing your high-end cabinets today. Contact us to start the conversation and create your ideal kitchen. Our commitment to you, like our passion for delicious cuisine, is everlasting.