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The L’Atelier Paris Haute Design process begins with a friendly conversation. Our expert designers work individually with clients to bring their vision to life, focusing on every request, regardless of how large or small. We will discuss your style preferences and offer insight into the best elements to use to create your signature kitchen. A thoughtful conversation with one of our designers will guide you through your options and help you to open your imagination to different possibilities.

Are you ready to begin the process to bring your luxury French kitchen to fruition? Contact us today to schedule a consultation visit or a call with a member of our design team.

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White Widows in between Wooden Kitchen Cabinets, Silver French Kitchen Ranges and Kitchen Hood
White Luxury Kitchen Ranges Golden Burners and Handles, White Wall Cabinets and Kitchen Hood
Blue Luxury Kitchen Ranges Between Wooden Base and Wall Cabinets
White Base Kitchen Cabinets With Wooden Stools, White Wall Cabinets, Black Windows, Wooden flooring
In the middle of Kitchen White Kitchen Countertop and Base Cabinets With White Chair Seat With Golden legs. White Kitchen Hood and Printed Kitchen Walls
Black Kitchen Cabinets With Black Base Cabinets and Silver Countertop
White Kitchen Base Cabinets With White Countertop and Wooden Chairs near the Countertop. White Kitchen Hood in between White Wall Cabinets
Black French Kitchen Designs In between White Kitchen Cabinets
Off White Base Kitchen Cabinets With Marble Countertops and Wooden Stools. Silver Kitchen Hood in between Off White Wall Cabinets
Paris, France
Beverly Hills, CA
Silver classic kitchen ranges including French stove, burners and silver luxury kitchen hood above cooking ranges. Wooden hanging and base cabinets across Kitchen
Alpine, NJ