Luxury French Range Stoves

The way you cook is about so much more than what you eat. It's about connection. Community. Lifestyle. It's about savoring all of life's sweetness.

Your cooking experience is about who you are and what you value. Our luxury French range stoves are not created as just an art piece to admire. They're designed to be used — and used often. They're made to enhance your life and bring a rich joy to all who visit your home.

This is why our culture at L'Atelier Paris places an emphasis on the seamless union between performance and style. Being beautiful isn't enough. Our expert design team creates each piece to be of the highest standard and quality — ready to perfectly sauté and soufflé everything from a culinary masterpiece in an elite restaurant to a French-inspired home-cooked meal for a family.

Luxury Gas Stoves

We're proud to offer the best luxury gas ranges on the market, including gleaming stainless steel decorated with intricate markings or contemporary geometric shapes according to your style.

Choose from one or two oven ranges and select from an array of exclusive range top options. Solid brass burners in premium quality. Pasta cookers designed to nail a flawless European al dente flavor every time. Griddles for a unique stovetop grilling experience. Lava rock BBQs offering the ultimate even heat distribution system. With all of these options and more, you'll find yourself with the stove of your dreams.

Luxury Electric Stoves

For a convenient contemporary twist, consider our line of luxury electric stoves. With your choice of one or two oven ranges, our state-of-the-art stove offers a modern flair along with a timeless look. Our premium electric stoves are manufactured in France, with each part delivering a little magic of the epicenter of fine dining and culture. Mix and match your choice of brass burners, pasta cookers, griddles, lava rock BBQs and more for a stove that blends into your home and is uniquely suited to your lifestyle.

Professional Chef-Grade French Ranges

Quality design and premium manufacturing make each L'Atelier Paris luxury stove range a state-of-the-art professional cooking suite. We follow only the highest standards for a product that meets the caliber expected in the finest restaurants. Our chef-grade luxury stove will bring out the culinary connoisseur inside. Pour yourself a glass of Bordeaux or Chardonnay, and fill your kitchen with the aroma of steamed mussels or delectably fresh bread.

Turnkey Solutions for Your Convenience

Every part of your luxury kitchen can be custom-made to your preferences. We won't compromise on quality — nor will we compromise when it comes to your time. Our team will bring you along on the journey, from the first in-depth phone call to the final delivery and installation of your kitchen appliances.

Whether gas or electric, your exclusive kitchen range will be ready for your use as soon as it's installed. We offer an effective turnkey solution from start to finish. Prepare to showcase your premium finished kitchen with a dinner party worthy of your sparkling new space!

A Tailored Finish From L'Atelier Paris Haute Design

Each luxury French range stove is made to measure. Designed to fit into your kitchen like it was made just for your space — because that's exactly what happened. Our design team will spare no expense to ensure every knob, grill and handle on your high-end French stove is exactly as you want it. No standard fit. No buying in bulk. No compromises.

After all, the magic of L'Atelier Paris is in the custom fit we create for each client. Before we begin designing your luxury kitchen range, we want to know where it's going to live. The atmosphere of your kitchen, the layout of your appliances, the era you want your space to invoke — it will all be accounted for.

From the bigger picture to the smallest details, we're committed to excellence. Only once we understand who you are and what you're looking for will we begin putting pen to paper and crafting the luxury kitchen stove that will enhance your space and exude your style.

Trim Finishes and a Diverse Color Palette

We offer preset models with customizable options for your convenience. Select from a deep range of color palettes and brass trim finishes to perfectly match your tastes. Burnished brass, gunmetal and nickel can offer a deep luster to your stovetop appliances. Opt for trim finishes in polished copper, chrome, brass, gunmetal or nickel for an unmissable shine, or select brushed chrome or copper for a subtler, rougher finishing touch.

When you design a kitchen range with L'Atelier Paris, you'll also find yourself choosing from more than 1,000 possible RAL colors. Our design team will guide you through the process to help you select the palette that aligns with your kitchen. No detail is too small to notice, and no touch will be missed. From cabinetry and artwork to your kitchen backsplash and built-in appliances, we'll make sure your luxury kitchen stove color only intensifies your preferred aesthetic.

Whether your style is 20th century deco or modern and minimalist, our flexibility will ensure that your goals are always possible to accomplish.

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A French range cooker manufacturer for more than a century, L'Atelier Paris was founded on the artistry of French Haute design. Since 1830, we have been bringing the joy of cooking and an artist's eye to the heart of each home: the kitchen. From supply and manufacture to design and installation, we're committed to providing our clients with premium service. We're just one phone call away throughout the process to ensure your every question is answered and each vision is brought to life.

How do we do what we do? Using only the highest quality materials and maintaining an attentive focus on your personal style, our team can craft the kitchen you've dreamed of. Opulent luxury and timeless elegance have never met so flawlessly. Schedule a call with our design team and begin the journey toward your dream kitchen today.