New York Luxury Kitchen Design

New York City and Paris. These two cities have long served as the cultural epicenters of their own countries. In both the Big Apple and the City of Love, sleek modernity meets indefinable energy and charm. The result? Magic.

Glimpse a taste of French-inspired elegance with our L'Atelier Paris luxury kitchen showroom, located in the bustling heart of New York City. This space boasts the ultimate display of L'Atelier Paris curated kitchens, with floor-to-ceiling original handcrafted designs. From styled cabinets to the finest luxury kitchen appliances, our New York City kitchen showroom will awaken your senses and spark the imagination.

Browse Exquisite Luxury Cabinets in New York City

With our state-of-the-art kitchen showroom in New York City, you can experience a firsthand look at our line of French-inspired luxury kitchenware. Known for their ageless elegance, each kitchen mixes traditional European design elements with stainless steel modernity. Step inside and browse our showroom for the best of New York City luxury kitchen cabinets, from the highest quality metal to natural grain wood.

In addition to bespoke designed upper and base cabinets, you'll have the opportunity to browse our collection of intricate knobs and pulls. As you will see, no detail is small enough to escape our notice — in fact, these unique handles are often where the cabinets shine the most. Each one-of-a-kind handle is available for customization, giving our clients the freedom to tailor their cabinet style according to their own tastes.

New York City Luxury Wood Cabinets

Wood can bring an unmistakable simplicity and warmth to any room. The L'Atelier Paris line of luxury wood cabinets provides a truly flexible option, allowing our clients to select light wood for a contemporary look or darker wood for a more traditional feel. Whichever you prefer, you'll find that our line of wood cabinets gives a richly rustic and charming feel to any kitchen.

You can view samples of our various wood cabinet styles in our New York showroom. Browse our selection to discover which style best suits your taste, and begin to let your imagination for your own kitchen unfold.

New York City Luxury Metal Cabinets

The L'Atelier Paris selection of metal cabinets offers the ultimate sleek style for any modern minimalist. With a hand-crafted or machined stainless steel look, each cabinet combines excellent performance with a flawless aesthetic. You'll find only the highest professional restaurant-level quality combined with the beauty and visual appeal of a luxury French estate.

Our collection includes three primary metal cabinet styles, each reminiscent of its own time. From the traditional Le Classique and the unique Le Transitionnel to the chic modernity of Le Contemporaine, let us uncover the perfect metal cabinets for your home.

Browse Our Showroom Selection of Pristine Luxury Appliances

Of course, no kitchen is complete without its finishing touches. After all, we don't believe a kitchen is really a kitchen without a way to brew a strong cup of coffee to start the day. Crafted in France and designed by the best, our New York City luxury kitchen showroom includes a collection of our finest appliances. You should expect all the ageless kitchen essentials you could need, such as fully integrated full column stainless steel refrigerators and freezers. View each model, designed in built-in, standalone and under-the-counter variations. 

You'll also browse other kitchen essentials, such as our elegant wine preservation units and built-in coffee machines. Simple sophistication has the final say over each appliance we create: no unnecessary fuss or flavor. Just design that pleases the eye and reliable performance that makes everyone's days easier. Beauty and function should never compromise for each other.

You will glimpse this truth for yourself as you view our New York City cooking suites. Meeting the standard of a professional restaurant, each cooking suite offers a variety of custom options, such as griddles and gas burners. Lastly, enjoy a firsthand view of our built-in ovens and microwaves for a taste of a truly exquisite culinary experience.

Our Showrooms Bring a French Flavor to New York

New York City and Paris are two internationally renowned powerhouses, each with its own signature scents and flavors. Yet it's no question that the home of the Eiffel Tower holds the crown for the world's most delectable cultural cuisine. Add some undeniable French flair to your urban New York City home with a L'Atelier Paris Haute design kitchen. 

We have been designing luxury kitchens since 1830. Inspired by the traditions of French kitchen style yet constantly adapting to the latest modern conveniences, L'Atelier Paris allows for the perfect blend of cultures and contexts. Discover this combination for yourself in our New York City kitchen design showroom, where two cities can meet and marry with effortless style.

Custom Designs and a Turnkey Process

With every L'Atelier Paris showroom, you'll find a spark for your imagination and a kick start to creativity. If you love what you see, know that this is only the beginning. Our curated kitchen collections are intended to serve as the starting point for true creation. With a fully custom approach, each client is able to infuse their personality and taste to create the kitchen of their dreams. We hope that our displays will inspire a vision — one our expert designers can then bring to life.

Our custom options include every detail, from color and finish to size and style. Our designers will take the time to care for your space and your needs before ever beginning their concept creation. Thus, you'll experience an entirely tailored process from start to finish.

In addition to this custom approach, visitors to our New York City showroom have the opportunity to witness our unique turnkey solution. You'll find that each item, from cabinetry to appliances, is ready for installation and use in your own home right away. Whether you're interested in a tailored custom experience or would prefer a luxury curated kitchen ready for your use, L'Atelier Paris has what you need. Visit our New York City showroom to discover what we can create together.

Contact L'Atelier Paris to Learn More About Our New York City Showroom 

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