Miami Luxury Kitchen Design

Nestled among palm trees near Miami's Upper East Side, conveniently located on Biscayne Boulevard, you'll find a sleek showroom enfolded in floor-to-ceiling glass windows and bathed in natural light. Step inside our space for an exclusive taste of the most luxurious kitchens L'Atelier Paris has to offer. Our Miami showroom displays the finest L'Atelier Paris curated kitchens, including luxury cabinets and appliances designed with care to the smallest details.

Our visitors regularly find themselves amazed by the seamless marriage of cutting-edge professional technology with timeless elegance and traditional style. The effect, time and again, is an aesthetically stunning art form that promises to inspire you to dream bigger than ever before when it comes to your own home's kitchen. And the good news? With an expert design team, these dreams can truly come to life.

So come on in. Browse our showroom's finest, and let us see what we can dream up together.

View the Finest Luxury Cabinets in Miami

Our state-of-the-art Miami kitchen showroom offers a firsthand look at the latest in our exquisite, French-made luxury kitchenware. Parisian detailing abounds, mixing traditional European charm with a stainless steel modern twist. Experience the best of Miami's luxury kitchen cabinets, including finely textured natural grain wood and the sparkling clean lines of quality metal.

Intricate knobs and pulls complete each cabinet's one-of-a-kind look. Our display of handles only hints at what's ahead. With a unique customization option, our clients are able to tailor their cabinet styles to their exact preferences for an appearance that matches their kitchen's aesthetic.

Miami's Luxury Metal Cabinets

L'Atelier Paris metal cabinets present the finest in modern minimalism. Browse a selection of our stainless steel cabinets, which combine all the sleek professionalism of an elite restaurant with the beauty and character of a luxury home. Our line of metal cabinets represents a reach back through time with a nod to the present. Enjoy the traditional feel of Le Classique, see past and present merge with Le Transitionnel or appreciate an effortlessly chic modern aesthetic with Le Contemporaine.

Miami's Luxury Wood Cabinets

Visit our Miami showroom to glimpse the warmth and vitality of an exclusive line of luxury wood cabinets. Whether a contemporary light wood or traditionally rustic dark, each cabinet style creates an inviting and natural atmosphere to any kitchen. Our showroom displays a range of wood cabinet styles for you to view. Watch the sunlight illuminate the fine grain in each wood compartment, and find yourself appreciating the delicate union of glass, wood and metal into one comprehensive piece.


A Firsthand Look at Elegant Appliances

In our Miami luxury kitchen showroom, visitors also have a chance to see our elegant appliances for themselves. With a line of Miami luxury appliances, from stately, fully integrated refrigerators and freezers to gorgeously minimalist built-in coffee machines, each appliance combines perfect performance with flawless design.

Run your fingers along the sleek lines of each chef-grade L'Atelier Paris-designed cooking suite in Miami. You'll see for yourselves the form and function of each stovetop element, such as gas burners and griddles. View our complete line of appliances, including wine preservation units, built-in ovens and microwaves, full-column refrigerators and more. Our kitchen appliances bring both cohesion and functional charm to each designed French kitchen.

Bringing a Taste of Paris to Miami

At L'Atelier Paris, we've been expertly designing and crafting luxury kitchens since 1830. With close to two centuries of experience under our belts, we've built an internationally regarded reputation for quality bespoke design unique to each and every client. Our designers are guided by the inspiration of French architecture and style. You'll find traditional Parisian elements in every L'Atelier Paris kitchen design, from the subtle yet sophisticated finishing touches to our emphasis on truly exceptional cooking capabilities.

After all, in true French fashion, kitchens are not meant for show — they're meant for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. As cooking is one of the most delightful parts of being human, so the kitchen is the truly vibrant heart of the home.

We desire to bring a taste of this quintessential French culture to our Miami showroom. Miami kitchen design is its own art form, different from any other city, with its own priorities and style. Experience a European flair in your own city with a tour of our space.

L'Atelier Paris Offers Tailored Design

Visitors who find themselves inspired by our showroom designs can let their ideas fly free. Our kitchen showroom in Miami is just the beginning. Our displays demonstrate our design work and quality appliances, from wine preservation units to stainless steel cooking suites. Yet these designs, created by our expert team and crafted in France, are fully customizable to each client's preferences. Our custom options range from color and finish to size and style, allowing for a tailored experience from start to finish.

Visitors will also gain access to a turnkey experience. Each item displayed is fully ready to be installed and used in a home. None of our pieces are just for show. With professional chef-grade cooking suites and handcrafted smooth-gliding cabinets, every element is designed to work — and work well. Whether you're interested in a unique, fully custom experience or a luxury kitchen ready for your call, L'Atelier Paris has it all.

Allow us to engineer a new magic for your Miami home through a luxury kitchen overhaul. No detail is too small. No change is too big. Let us bring a unique taste of Paris to your kitchen.

Contact L'Atelier Paris to Learn More About Our Miami Showroom

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out. With multiple showrooms and a team of experts around the world, we'll certainly be able to answer your queries and assist you in bringing the kitchen of your dreams into reality. For more information regarding our Miami kitchen showroom, simply reach out by phone at 1-800-792-3550 or by email at We look forward to meeting you, hearing your design hopes and bringing them to life.