Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing is warmer than a space crafted with luxury modern wood. Our curated collections collide to create an inviting atmosphere framed with sophistication and a subtle nod toward rustic traditionalism.

Wood is timeless. It breathes life into a space, with natural full grain gleaming richly in the sun and warming countertops and cabinetry. L'Atelier Paris offers an exclusive line of high-end wood kitchen cabinets, artfully designed to capture the charming Parisian styles of yesterday while incorporating a touch of modern simplicity. We use light wood and clean lines to keep each space open and airy, creating the look of a luxury white kitchen.

Upper Cabinets

Our L'Atelier Paris line designs both upper and base cabinets. Using modern light wood, kitchen cabinets will offer the ultimate storage space without compromising your kitchen's aesthetic. Upper kitchen cabinets are the premium in convenient, space-saving shelving. Select your preference from among an extensive array of exquisite options.

You will choose your every detail from timeless paneled doors to antique handles, including your wood preference, accent finish and color scheme. While we pay close attention to the look of your cabinets, you'll never have to sacrifice on performance. We know the inside matters just as much as the appearance. Your upper cabinet options will include choices in lighting, swivel shelving, rack sizes and more.

Base Cabinets

Base cabinetry is a unique opportunity to store surplus kitchen appliances and materials under the surface. Each cabinet should have its own function while perfectly flowing with the look of the room. Sitting under the countertops, your elegant wood kitchen cabinets will provide a hidden feel to your storage spaces. Your base cabinets will incorporate the same style as the upper cabinets for a uniform aesthetic.

Whether you opt for a sleek and smooth contemporary approach or an intricately carved old-fashioned solution, you'll find that the choice of luxury wood kitchen cabinet is all yours.

La Brittany

A marble backsplash and flawless modern white kitchen cabinets give La Brittany an effortlessly light and tasteful feel. One step into this kitchen will feel like you've been transported back in time to an age of seaside French charm and stately aristocracy. Sink into the sleek luxury of La Brittany, or customize the look to perfectly match your own.

La Provence

Stainless steel and clean fresh lines instill an industrial feel, yet the light wood cabinetry and hints of blue ensure La Provence remains warm and friendly to its visitors. Clear glass cabinets put on a lively display that adds color and a unique touch every homeowner will love. Fill your glass of wine with a French classic and enjoy the effortless luxury.



L'Alsace makes a bold statement, meeting warm wood cabinetry and textured marble backsplashes with tasteful touches of navy blue. The regal blue provides a cool touch to the otherwise light and airy space, effortlessly grounding the kitchen in its modern aesthetic.



Richly textured dark wood grains and sweeping white archways define the stunning L'Avignon kitchen. The contrast between dark wood, white trimmings and light splashes of color create an ethereal and vibrant space that's difficult to look away from.


Le New York

Our New York kitchen collection is the peak of modern luxury. A minimalist chandelier approach and simple yet stunning glass cabinetry built into white wood strays from opulence and incorporates only what is necessary. Yet each detail is designed with an artist's eye for cohesive colors, shapes and lines, creating a room that's as much an art piece as a kitchen.


Le Paris

Explore our Le Paris collection for a charming kitchen that's unafraid to merge subtle matte stainless steel touches with a generous display of wood textures. From cabinetry and center island to flooring and wall panels, Le Paris celebrates the warmth and diversity of quality wood grain.


Le Rhone

Le Rhone is a display of beauty and class. An open design and glass-paneled cabinetry create a timeless and transparent feel to the room. Nothing is hidden — and with a room so decadent, why should it be?


Fully Tailored Custom Design

L'Atelier Paris began its Haute Design style in 1830, bringing custom French kitchens into being. More than a century has passed, yet our Parisian roots remain integrally woven into every cabinet and appliance we craft. Our commitment to fully customizable designs has only grown over time, leading to the tailored design process we're known for.

We believe that for you to have the best luxury kitchen, it needs to be the best luxury kitchen for you. From overarching concepts to the smallest detail, each element of our Paris-inspired kitchen will be designed with your tastes and style in mind. This is the real magic of the L'Atelier Paris Haute Design process. The combination of professional design with your own preferences and vision means together, we can craft a space that exudes the luxury you deserve.

Benefits of Turnkey Solutions Cabinetry Styles

Our clients have options for every taste, from stunning opulence to contemporary minimalism. Browse our popular kitchen features for a style that resonates with your own, or begin dreaming of ways to craft a kitchen from the ground up. Each of these completed designs was created with a specific client's ideas and home in mind.

Be inspired by our wood collections to add your own spin on a classic, or start dreaming up ways to craft your kitchen from scratch. With an expert design team poised to bring your vision to life, the only limit is your imagination.

Create the Wooden Cabinetry of Your Dreams with L'Atelier Paris

Whether you're searching for contemporary kitchen design ideas or have already penciled the kitchen cabinets in detail, our expert design team can bring your vision right to your home. Schedule a call with our team to share your ideas and take the first step toward a custom-made kitchen. We've been committed to premier customer service and a tailored finishing result since 1830, and our mission rings just as true today. Let us see what magic we can create together.