Los Angeles Luxury Kitchen Design

In the heart of Hollywood, luxury reigns supreme. Within a world of rising stars, cutting-edge modern convenience and glamorous houses, there's no better place to step into the L'Atelier Paris Los Angeles showroom. Here, you'll experience a taste of the finest French-inspired Haute design kitchens in the world.

Step inside our space for a glimpse into the timeless elegance of a L'Atelier Paris French-inspired kitchen. Our Los Angeles kitchen showroom offers the ultimate display of L'Atelier Paris curated kitchens, including styled cabinets and luxury appliances.

Those who visit our kitchen showroom in Los Angeles often find themselves blown away by the chic combination of the latest modern kitchen conveniences with the timeless style of a European home. The result? A kitchen that's as much as an art piece as a room. Finishing touches, down to the last detail, create a unified and visually stunning aesthetic.

But don't take our word for it. Visit our Los Angeles luxury kitchen showroom for a taste of the finer things. Feel yourself inspired by our French design. With a fully customizable line and a team of expert designers at the ready, we make sure there are no limits to what we can create together.

View Exclusive Luxury Cabinets in Los Angeles

Our state-of-the-art Los Angeles kitchen showroom offers a firsthand glimpse at our finest line of French-inspired and designed luxury kitchenware. Our kitchens are known for their intricate Parisian detailing and mixture of European tradition with stainless steel modernity. Visit our showroom for the best of Los Angeles luxury kitchen cabinets, from fine-quality metal to richly textured wood.

Along with bespoke designed cabinets, you can browse a collection of intricate knobs and pulls. These one-of-a-kind handles are available for customization, allowing clients to tailor their cabinet styles to their preferences. These options will complete a unique look that matches each client's existing kitchen aesthetic.

Los Angeles Luxury Wood Cabinets

The L'Atelier Paris line of luxury wood cabinets is known for its warmth and quality. The material provides a flexible option, allowing our clients to select light wood for a contemporary look or darker wood for a more traditional feel. No matter your selection, you'll find that our line of wood cabinets creates a deeply inviting and effortlessly classic appearance in the kitchen.

Our showroom displays include samples of our various wood cabinet styles. View our selection to find your best fit, and begin to imagine these base and upper cabinets filling your own home.

Los Angeles Luxury Metal Cabinets

Glimpse the ultimate in modern minimalism with the L'Atelier Paris selection of metal cabinets. Our stainless steel line combines the quality performance of a professional restaurant with the simplicity and beauty of a luxury French home. You'll find yourself transported in time as you browse through our styled cabinets.

Our showroom includes an introduction to our traditional Le Classique cabinets, our past and present fusion in Le Transitionnel and our chic, modern-styled Le Contemporaine.

Browse Our Line of Elegant French-Made Appliances

Visitors to our Los Angeles luxury kitchen showroom may enjoy viewing our elegant appliances firsthand. These Los Angeles luxury appliances include all the classic kitchen staples with a pristine twist. Fully integrated column refrigerators and freezers can be viewed in built-in, standalone and under-the-counter models. Browse other kitchen essentials as well, such as our sleek built-in coffee machines and stately wine preservation units. As the French would likely agree, it's always a good idea to have a bottle of wine or two at the ready for your guests.

You'll find that each appliance combines functionality with flawless design, never compromising beauty for performance. See this for yourself as you explore our Los Angeles cooking suites, which measure up to the standards of professional chefs with custom options such as gas burners and griddles. Built-in ovens and microwaves round out our culinary options, but you'll find that there's always more to discover at our showroom.

Bridge the Ocean From Los Angeles to Paris

Despite wildly different and delightful decor styles, there's a beauty in the union between Los Angeles and Parisian kitchen design. At L'Atelier Paris, we have been designing luxury kitchens since 1830. For almost two decades, we've built a world-renowned reputation for the finest quality design and custom options. Inspired by French kitchen style yet influenced by contemporary changes, each kitchen we provide is a seamless blend of tradition and convenience.

In French fashion, our kitchens aren't meant to be encased in glass and viewed from afar. They're meant to be cooked in, to be the center of your home, to be well-loved. Our goal is to bring a taste of this French culture to Los Angeles through our kitchen showroom. Never have two such varied styles blended so effortlessly.

L'Atelier Paris Designs Bespoke Custom Creations

Our showrooms are designed to spark creativity and imagination. Visitors find that when they love what they see, there's always room to adjust it to fit perfectly in their own space. Our Los Angeles kitchen design showroom is just the beginning. With displays demonstrating every aspect of our kitchenware, from floor to ceiling, visitors can begin dreaming of how each appliance might fit into their own space.

Each curated kitchen design is fully customizable to our clients' preferences and tastes. Created by expert designers and hand-crafted in France, these kitchens are customizable thanks to options from color and finish to style and size. Clients experience a tailored experience and excellent customer service from beginning to end. 

In addition to a custom process, visitors will also have a firsthand glimpse into our turnkey approach. Each item, from cabinets to appliances, is ready for installation and home use. Our pieces are designed to work — and work flawlessly. If you're interested in a unique personalized experience or a luxury kitchen ready for your use, L'Atelier Paris is the ultimate solution. Let us see what we can create together.

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