Kitchen Appliances

Luxury French Kitchen Appliances

Functional, yet luxurious. Smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. A custom piece that blends flawlessly within the vista that is your kitchen.

Our luxury French kitchen appliances are a contradiction and an anomaly. They're effortlessly modern while maintaining the timeless touch of their Parisian origins. They may look like they belong behind a glass shelf to be admired, yet each appliance is built to perform and will add a unique purpose to your kitchen.

From luxury fridges and freezers to premium wall ovens and cooking ranges down to the details of coffee machines, convection warming drawers and, of course, a wine preservation unit for your finest French bottles. Each appliance will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your kitchen, a statement piece nestled among brushed oak cabinetry, gleaming marble countertops and stainless steel cooking suites.

Welcome to the magic of L'Atelier Paris. Discover your dream kitchen down to the tiniest details and finishing touches.

Luxury Kitchen Appliances for Your Dream Kitchen

When you step into a L'Atelier Paris Haute Design kitchen, you'll want to pause for a moment. Let your eyes dance around the space and alight on each appliance. Take in the gleaming surfaces, sharp and stately lines and unmistakably Parisian accent touches. You can practically smell the scent of a strong cappuccino and a lightly baked French pastry.

Luxury Coffee Machines

The sleek black finish of our fully integrated coffee machine reflects the rising sun as it artfully brews your morning cup to perfection. A minimalist design approach means that every piece, from polished knobs to transparent glass, has a role to play. Nothing is there just for show. Built to exist in perfect harmony with the look and feel of your kitchen, each element of the coffee machine can be customized to your preferences.

With your choice of fully plumbed-in and your perfect preset of the water reservoir, each cup you brew will be more than just a morning wakeup call. It'll be a luxury.

Luxury Fridges and Freezers

Your luxury fridge can be an art piece. A column of stainless steel and clean lines with a flawless functional design. After all, what are the French known best for? Their cuisine — a scintillating, fresh masterpiece for all the senses. The French would say to let your food be the soul of your home. Let your luxury refrigerator house this soul in the finest style.

Our fully integrated full column and combination refrigerators and freezers can be combined with wine storage units and cabinetry to find their place and fit seamlessly in your styled kitchen.

Luxury Ovens and Cooking Suites

Bring a taste of Paris into your home with a luxury oven or cooking suite. Full stainless steel completed with a matte black finish will add a sleek modern touch to your dream kitchen. Brass trim accents add a signature color woven into the monochrome oven design, creating a look that marries simplicity and sophistication.

Our expert design team has crafted a style that goes beyond functionality, eradicating the unnecessary and incorporating only the most elemental oven features. You'll find that this quality creates a clean and smooth look for your oven, allowing you to focus on what really matters — the cuisine you can create.

Luxury cooking suites offer professional-grade ranges and hoods custom-designed for your home. Cooking suites are the ultimate culinary experience, with stainless steel appliances and polished accents crafted to the standards of a professional chef. Our design team works with each individual to create a luxury range that echoes the look, style and era of their unique home for a one-of-a-kind appliance.

Luxury French Appliances Designed for Your Kitchen

Thanks to microwave and oven combos, vacuum packers, blast chillers, wine dispensers and more, you can find a luxury French appliance at your fingertips for any occasion. Dream out loud with us, and let's see what magic we can come up with.


One-of-a-Kind Custom Design

At L'Atelier Paris, you'll find a premium customized design like nowhere else. L'Atelier Paris Haute Design was shaped more than a century ago by the intricate beauty of French design — and a love for the delectable art form that is cooking.

These origins spill into every cornerstone of our kitchen creations. Each finishing touch is designed with intentionality, from sleek stainless steel options to subtle contemporary accents and the richness of rustic wood complemented by the simplicity of a metal touch. Evocative textures, complementary colors and diverse materials come together to form truly unique luxury kitchens.

Our expert design team will work with you from start to finish to make sure your kitchen is perfect — down to the last detail. We can take your wildest visions and turn them into reality, using meticulous design, open communication and interactive checkpoints along the way. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. We take this responsibility seriously, and we'll work to craft your dream to perfection with ageless elegance.


Start-to-Finish Care With Every Appliance

Our turnkey solution means that the kitchen you've envisioned — with every luxury French appliance discretely built into your space — is just a phone call away. Our complete line of premium appliances is crafted in Paris itself, with French subtleties infused into every facet of its design. Yet during every stage of the process, our team is committed to creating the sophisticated look that will match your kitchen. We'll provide white glove service from conception to construction, installing your new kitchen appliances to ensure a perfect fit.

Contact Us to Schedule a Visit or Call With Our Design Team

If you have a vision for your French kitchen appliances, our design team would love to hear about it. Each appliance, from luxury fridges to state-of-the-art ranges, can be designed with your kitchen in mind. Each French kitchen appliance brand should enhance the story that your kitchen tells, from contemporary convenience to a timeless traditional look. Together, we can make your kitchen come to life. Contact us today to set up a conversation with our expert design team.