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Luxury Pulls and Knobs

When it comes to your dream kitchen, no detail will be small enough to escape our notice. Our L'Atelier designers will fine-tune an exclusive French-inspired kitchen from the grandeur of cabinets and countertops down to the exquisite detailing of your luxury pulls and knobs.

We think of these items as the piece de resistance of your kitchen. Small yet unmissable, each pull and knob is designed to bring a cohesive finishing touch and add a sophisticated shine to the room.

Find the decadence you deserve with L'Atelier Paris pulls and knobs. Cast or machined in Europe using only the highest grade materials, each one promises to be of the finest quality. When it comes to the heart of your home, you should never have to settle for anything less than perfect.

Choose Your Luxury Style

Thanks to our nearly endless array of unique cabinet pulls and knobs, the sky is the limit when it comes to how you choose to decorate your kitchen. Select your preference of shape and size, as well as your optimal type of pull or knob. Our customization options will further allow you to browse metal and color selections to flawlessly accent your kitchen's palette.

Countless Shapes and Sizes

Our designers do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach — when it comes to luxury hardware, you deserve a bespoke design crafted with sophistication and expertise. You'll find French pulls and knobs in countless shapes and sizes for your preference. From subtle inlaid pulls to sophisticated circular handles, mix and match your choices to cohere with your kitchen's style.

Bold brass choices such as the Concorde collection offer a machined yet hand-polished look that hints at an industrial theme. On the other end of the spectrum is the caché collection, whose name hints at its subtle hidden nature. An unlacquered brass make yet open, circular design offers a softer approach to the cabinet pull. Browse our shapes and sizes for the fit that's just right for your kitchen, or allow our designers to help craft a complete polished look for your space.

Different Types of Pulls and Knobs

The difference between luxury kitchen handles extends far beyond the name. Handles come in a variety of types, such as bar, ring, recessed, pendant and arch. These types offer a unique function and aesthetic, carefully selected to enhance your cabinets and drawers.

Our burnished pulls, such as Le Provence or L'Opera, curve gently over the lip of the cabinet, offering a sleek and modern metallic pull. Knobs — like Le Champagne or Le Bordeaux — make a more pronounced statement in cabinetry. Our luxury kitchen handles err toward a vision of simple sophistication. When your wood or metal cabinetry is its own work of art, your handles can serve to embellish and accent them without drawing the attention to themselves.

A Variety of Finishes and Colors

Our designer cabinet pulls and knobs come in a variety of metallic and wooden bases. From burnished and polished metal, your choice will provide a different sheen or shine. Sleek metallic finishes offer a contemporary look, while a deeper and distressed finish tends to look more traditional. Brass, copper, nickel and gunmetal are just a few options available to perfectly match your kitchen's color palette.

Modern Kitchen Handles vs. Traditional French Style

In a true French kitchen, the atmosphere echoes a warmth and open invitation. Pour yourself a glass of wine, have a seat at our marble-topped kitchen island and stay awhile. With French culture being synonymous with exquisite cuisine, after all, the kitchen is meant to be used — and used often. You'll find that an authentic French-inspired Haute design kitchen is more than just one thing at a time. A complex and contradictory space. Intrinsically Parisian tradition with splashes of modern luxury. A minimalistic simplicity meets tasteful touches of opulence.

When it comes to your high-end cabinet hardware, this charming contrast has an opportunity to subtly shine. Sleek stainless steel cabinetry and a contemporary kitchen can be accented by luxury kitchen handles that offer a softer approach. Or, a quintessential 20th-century French country kitchen may choose to dip into contemporary accents through modern kitchen knobs.

Custom-Designed Luxury Handles

Our collection of designer cabinet pulls offers you the framework. Browse our presets and choose your own customizations, from finishes and colors to sizes and styles. We're committed to creating the kitchen of your dreams down to the last detail. When it comes to your high-end cabinet hardware, this means not stopping until the look is picture-perfect. If you have a vision for a unique cabinet pull and knob not included in our collection, let our design team know. We'll create the right style, manufactured in France for an authentic touch of Parisian elegance.

The Ultimate Turnkey Solution

From start to finish, L'Atelier Paris is dedicated to each client's experience. With white-glove service from conception and creation to the installation of each finished piece, we'll make sure you know you're the top priority. The process begins with an in-depth phone call with our designers, discussing not only your kitchen needs but your lifestyle, preferences and unique style. With an intricately tailored product, we desire to understand your aesthetic and preferences before the pencil ever hits the paper. Once your kitchen has been designed and your every custom choice incorporated, we'll install each kitchen appliance and hardware piece.

Once installed, your new French luxury kitchen will be ready to put to use immediately. Bring a taste of Paris to life through every detail, from a deluxe cooking range to your modern kitchen handles.

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With our line of luxury kitchen hardware, no detail is too small. Your choice of knob and pull will add the perfect finishing touch to your cabinet, oven range or kitchen appliance. Enhance your space by adding these subtle finishing touches to contribute to your theme. Or, provide a fun twist on your style with a contrasting or complementary colored knob or handle.

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