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Great craftsmanship defies the passing of time

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design crafts the world’s finest made-to-measure, professional-grade ranges and kitchens. Inspired by French culinary arts and artisan traditions, the firm integrates time-honored, sophisticated craftsmanship with the latest technologies. L’Atelier Paris produces custom ranges, cabinetry, and fixtures, in Europe and USA, of unparalleled quality in signature styles that can be customized in an infinite array of colors, materials, finishes, and accessories. Servicing clients worldwide through its showrooms in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Dallas with London and Paris anticipated to open in 2023.

Time passes—love, fashions, beliefs, life. Yet the first morsel of a perfectly prepared meal plucked from the tines of a fork and savored on the tongue—that sensation is as close to eternal as anything in this world.

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design is among the foremost creators of custom kitchens. As inspiration, France elevates all we do to create kitchens that will transport you to a time and place where cooking transcends into an art form.

Our team of dedicated artisans ranges from engineers, smiths, and carpenters to modelers, all working in perfect harmony to fulfill the task of creating extraordinary kitchens.

Our sole endeavor is to create the kitchens of your dreams—and like the human passion for great food, that too will never change.

Visit One Of Our Showrooms

Please visit us at one of our showrooms located in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, or Paris**.(coming soon, late due to COVID-19 delays)
Experience the joy of a kitchen that has been designed with love. Our curated collections work together beautifully, inviting you to create a uniform aesthetic or an inspired mix of styles.

Come and feel inspired

New York

67 East Eleventh Street
New York, NY 10003

Phone: 1 800 792 3550


6151 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33137

Phone: 1 800 792 3550

Los Angeles

8925 Beverly Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Phone: 1 800 792 3550


**Opening Winter '22

150 Turtle Creek Blvd . Suite 102
Dallas, TX, 75207

Phone: 1 800 792 3550


Opens Soon

(Covid-19 Delays)

Phone: 1 800 792 3550

Contact Us

You are encouraged to call, leave a message within the form, or email us for an initial consultation or an appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Call us at 800.792.3550

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