Essentials for Creating Your Luxury Kitchen

essentials to creating your luxury kitchen

Your friends and family gather in your kitchen for parties, holidays and entertainment. From hosting intimate meetings to the party of the year, your luxury modern kitchen demonstrates your unique style to your guests.

To create your ideal kitchen, you will want to trust a professional, high-end kitchen designing company. Design your custom-made luxury kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances and quality materials to execute a smart conceptual approach while giving your kitchen a style that reflects you, the culinary connoisseur. Experts in the luxury kitchen industry will provide you with your modern kitchen essentials. Learn more about what it takes to make your dream kitchen.

Top-of-the-Line Appliances

Only choose the finest appliances for your dream kitchen. Modern appliances comes in a vast array of sizes and configurations for your selection. You may want to consider adding:

  • Refrigerators
  • Wine storage
  • Built-in ovens
  • Coffee machines
  • Steam ovens
  • Combo microwave/ovens
  • Blast chillers
  • Vacuum-packers
  • Convection warming drawers
  • Wine dispensers

You can choose wall or under-counter versions of appliances to complete your custom home kitchen design. Perfectly complementing your stainless steel and wood-style cabinetry, your appliances should be built to last without compromising the elegant appearance of your luxury house kitchen design.

Quality Materials

The materials you choose for your kitchen will impress all who enter through the door while giving you an efficient space to conceive your culinary creations. Consider these exceptional materials to perfect signature custom kitchens: 

  • Wood: Look for wood collections that present hand-crafted designs to promote natural beauty in your kitchen. From elegance to modern simplicity, your quality wood cabinetry, floors and storage space should reflect your creativity.
  • Metal: Search out metal collections offering the perfect blend of high-end culinary atmosphere and stunning aesthetics. The highest-quality pulls, handles and drawers are crafted by talented artisans to give you your ideal kitchen.

Need some ideas? Browse through our wood and metal style collections to capture the essence of your ideal kitchen.

Smart Design

Design your kitchen in a way that reflects its function. Create space for everyday items and appliances to build a kitchen that will make your life more enjoyable. You can peruse our current projects for inspiration on how your kitchen can tell the world your story:

If possible, enlist the assistance of artisans to help you design your kitchen to fulfill its purpose and help your creativity shine. Contemplate these other options as you design your luxury modern kitchen.

Open Floor Plan Design

Consider an open floor plan for ease of entertainment. You can comfortably check on the food while interacting with your guests, and you can effortlessly transport your food from the kitchen to the dining room in an open floor plan.

Implementing a Spacious Island

implementing a spacious island

A large island gives you room to prepare your food and provide space for your guests to interact with you. Include power outlets on your island so you can use your smaller appliances like blenders and food processors in this creative space. You could even design your island to include a sink for even greater efficiency.

Strategic Lighting

Lighting brings the right atmosphere to your kitchen. Provide enough lighting so your guests can see one another and your home cook can work cleanly. Consider LED lighting to bring life to your cabinets, your island and your appliances.

A Style That Reflects You

With a custom home kitchen design, you have the power to choose a style that reflects your unique creativity. Find inspiration in these styles:

  • La Brittany: This style reflects the simple, modest flavor of one of Europe's most illustrious regions. We use brown wood and cream accents to craft the perfect kitchen for your confident style.
  • La Provence: Dressed in a modern blue modeled after the French shores of Marseilles, a La Provence kitchens evoke the feeling of embarking on a Mediterranean cruise. Its glass cabinets give you the ability to show off your own style, whether you want to present your dining set or your modern decorations.
  • L'Alsace: Our L'Alsace model has a uniquely noble quality that reflects the region of France bordered by Germany and Switzerland. Ideal for rooms with ample natural lighting, L'Alsace includes navy blue with white accents, reflecting a royal tone.
  • L'Avignon: Avignon is a traditional town, home to popes, priests and other clergy officials. Our black and white style reflects the stark contrast of priestly robes. There is also a balance with this type of style, as the lightly colored wood offers a softer look.
  • Le New York: This is our only wood collection model that is not named after a region of France. This style is perfect for the confident urban homeowner while also promoting the human touch of hand-crafted wood.
  • Le Paris: Named after the famous city in France, Le Paris is known for being bold and mixing expensive taste with simple charm. A metallic finish contrasts with the subtle light wood, leaving the details to speak for themselves.
  • Le Rhône: In honor of the river that runs from the glacial Swiss apps to the Mediterranean sea, this model consists of meticulous craftsmanship that is flexible for any unique style.
  • Le Classique: This metal style is the perfect tribute to France, the birthplace of haute cuisine. Le Classique is functional, and yet its brass furnishings will impress your guests.
  • Le Transitionnel: The perfect combination of modern and classic, using design from the past with the technology of the present and beyond.
  • Le Contemporaine: Our newest model, Le Contemporaine reveals an innovative luxury kitchen design.

Life takes place in the kitchen. Let your kitchen come alive with the details and style that you put into it. All of our styles are customizable to meet your specific needs and design style.

Trust Us With Your Luxury Kitchen Design

trust us with luxury kitchen design

We at L'Atelier Paris understand that your luxury kitchen demands chef-grade equipment. We want to craft your unique story — your passions, your hopes and your dreams — into your kitchen. Let us provide the appliances, material and style that you crave for the most prominent room in your home.

Our experienced artisans at L'Atelier Paris will give your kitchen the luxurious style of your dreams. With four locations — New York, Miami, West Hollywood and Paris — we provide service to the creative artists of the world.

We have been designing luxury dream kitchens for our clients since 1830. Our passion for the perfect dish, as well as our commitment to you, is everlasting. Contact us to begin creating your dream kitchen today.

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