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Elegant Kitchen Remodeling with Custom French Ranges Elegant Kitchen Remodeling with Custom French Ranges

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Modern, Warm and Inviting on Fisher Island

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Haute Design Excellence

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design crafts the world’s finest made-to-measure, professional-grade custom French ranges and kitchens.

Luxury Kitchen Ranges with Red custom cabinets and golden handles and burners Best High End French Kitchen Ranges with a custom hood

The Cherry on Top

Custom French Ranges with Silver Custom Kitchen Hood and Off White Cabinets

Who We Are

As an American brand deeply rooted in timeless traditions, we draw our most profound inspirations from a treasured wine estate we own in the Bordeaux region of France."
This estate, a symbol of timeless elegance and tradition, continually fuels our passion to merge French design aesthetics with the practicalities of American culinary habits. Our French luxury cooking ranges and high-end kitchen appliances are a testament to this harmonious blend.

Detail is at the heart of what we do. This commitment allows us to offer boundless customization options, right down to crafting a cooking range to an exact specification. In a world where many brands lean heavily on digital interfaces, we take a stand for the analog, valuing genuine craftsmanship and reliability over unnecessary electronic intricacies. Our ovens, among the most spacious on the market, incorporate advanced features such as convection in all cooking modes, including broil, addressing the depth and diversity of American cooking preferences.

In addition to our exceptional custom French ranges, we design, manufacture, and install full kitchens. Whether your preference leans towards the warmth of solid wood cabinetry, the contemporary elegance of stainless steel, or a blend of both, we guarantee a seamless fusion with our unique aesthetic.

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